1. Transport

How to get to us:
When we find you a job, we will ask you to come to the Netherlands. If you do not come by car you can choose to come by bus. Our company cooperates with a Polish transportation company Wegatur-Ocipinski. They can bring you directly to our office and pick you up from there when you go back to Poland. The ticket can only be purchased at Wegatur-Ocipinski. For more information visit the website www.wegatur.pl or call 0048-774844553.

Transport to and from work:

Our company can help you with transport between your accommodation and work. If you work in a radius of 10 kilometres from the accommodation, you will receive a free bike. In case of longer distances, there are two options. If you have a driving license, you can use a company car and drive a group of people working at the same company to and from work. Note that the company cars can be used for transport to and from work only. Drivers are required to keep records of kilometres (for more information on this topic please contact our office staff). If you cannot or do not want to drive company cars, you will be brought to and picked up from work by one of the drivers.