Are you technically inclined? Do you want a job where you have a lot of responsibility?

What are you going to do ?

For our customer in the aviation industry, you are engaged in the manufacture, repair and modification of lashing straps, covers and baggage nets for air freight and cold chain logistics.

What do we ask of you?

  1. For this position, we are looking for candidates who have good technical insight and spatial imagination;
  2. You are someone with a proactive attitude and you improvise where necessary;
  3. You can handle work pressure well and you are someone who can work well independently;
  4. Communicative speaking of the English language (Dutch is an advantage);

What our employment agency offers you:

  1. We work with short lines of communication in a small organization;
  2. A place to live when you don't have a place to stay;
  3. A job on a temporary basis;
  4. Transportation for commuting;
  5. Salary depending on your experience