The administrative handling of labor related matters takes a lot of time and attention. In addition, constantly changing laws and regulations require specialist knowledge. With Payroll Services you outsource your salary administration tasks to us. We offer your employees an appropriate employment contract and ensure the correct information transfers according to the applicable laws and regulations. In addition, we provide the wage slips, annual statements, salary payments and allowances for overtime, irregularity and expenses. You can also count on the payment of social security contributions, pensions and employee insurance and the payment of days off and holiday pay. Thanks to customization and flexibility, you can leave payroll work to us. By outsourcing your salary administration, you have more time for your own activities and you limit the employer risks. Moreover, our office is a source of information for you as a relationship and your payroll employees.

A saving on personnel costs A saving in time Optimal flexibility A permanent contact | Reduction in employer risks.